lundi 27 janvier 2014


I was so excited about this trip to Mexico, so the hotel and the restaurants were booked two weeks ago before our departure. It is my first time to try a mexico cuisine in a fine dining way, I can not tell curious I am.
Our waiter name Alejandro,  it is the only things that I understood. He is a very nice guy, explain the dish with patient, even though he knew that I can not understand the Spanish. Now I feel so sorry about him, because I took plenty of photos and I did not even pretend to hear.

When this dish is coming up, I know the whole meal gonna be very interesting. Peel the plastic, a piece of bread is jumping out. Peel the bread, a piece of meat is jumping out, wrap after wrap, like a gift at Christmas eve.

I bet you are very familiar with this if you are a Mexican, it is a old version of a Mexico city's metro ticket. When a dish turn this fun, who gonna cares about taste.

Eating in foreign always take more courage, because you never know what is exactly in your plate. I can't tell what is just looking at. It is actually raw shrimp. I am a tartare holic, so I have been eaten a lot of kind raw ingredient, like bison,wapiti and other weird stuff, but raw shrimp, it is very first time. However, the dish taste pretty good, lot of flavors mix together explode like a bomb.
Fried worm, wanna take a shot?

Tacos, the food you can never ride of whatever eating on the street or in a fancy restaurant.

This is a egg yolk, take the container and swallow through your throat.

D.I.Y your own tacos with the corn skin baked chichen
This is damn good, the best dish of the meal, the best dish of the year or I am thinking best dish forever. A raw egg yolk is hiding in the middle, you blend the guacamole and the tacos chips, heaven melt in the mouth.

The two desserts are very different than the american style dessert. At north american, the chef is more familiar with nut and chocolate those kind of ingredient, however if you see the fruit, 80% of chance that they are the berries or orange. This time, the tropical fruits had been mostly use, taste very fresh.
Kind of Breaking Bad process for making a tea

This restaurant deserve me to come back, you don't have the feeling to eat in a restaurant like a usual dinner, it most like explore a new cuisine in a very fun way! This place is defiantly a 10!

mardi 7 janvier 2014

NYC journey-day 2

I am quite speechless when I saw the High Line, totally amazing! a paradise stand up in a clamorous city.

Yellow cab rush between the graffiti buildings  

I like so much the detail of my heel's back, brilliant design, beautiful combination of modern and vintage
Zara top 
Zara skirt
Louis Vuitton heels
Louis Vuitton clutch
Miu Miu sunnies

NYC journey-day 1

Please don't be shocked for seeing me wear like that, the photos was taken long time ago, during my journey in NYC for the fashion week. I am a typical procrastinate person, so it's sounds logical I update now. You guys have to see me how I finish my school project usually takes one month at due day's eve.

Some snaps in from of my hotel

Seriously, I can't live without Lindt, especially there has too much flavors. I will never tell you guys that I clean up  this bag the same day, 5 more kilo to gain~~
H&M top
Zara blazer
Zara skirt
Chanel hula hoop bag
Zara sandals
Ray Ban sunnies