samedi 25 mai 2013

Comme c'est curieux, comme c'est coincidence, comme c'est magnifique...

Today I just saw The Great Gatsby, amazing story, of course amazing amazing costume, I am so obsess about the design, no fashion lover gonna miss this movie. The crystal dress that Daisy wear remain me the Prada's 2010 spring summer collection, until now I am trying to find the chandelier shoes. Daisy's headpiece by Tiffany is gorgeous, but I think I can never afford it in my entire life.
Skirt from ASOS
Clutch from Louis Vuitton
Shoes from Dior
Good mood from myself
Long store short, I saw this dress two weeks ago at ASOS, this midi skirt caught so much my eye, so I ordered it with another skirt. The customs charges the half of what I pay for the skirts. Show some mercy please, Canada's customs.
This skirt a perfect item to create a vintage look, it's going so well with my shoes and clutch
The grasses grow too fast, I barely have time to cut them. The peony are now in bud, I can't wait to see the flowers pop up!

mercredi 22 mai 2013

There's nothing better than a place called 'terrasse'

'Terrasse' is meaning terrace in French, which is a outside food spot. I find a terrase appear more like a life  style over a dining place. There's nothing better than sitting on the terrace and chatting with friends. Above all, taking a brunch on the weekend, you will find life is amazing!
Sunnies from RayBan
Jacket from Forever 21
Short from Urban Outfitters
Heels from Zara
Clutch from Valentino
 Following the trend, I got a mirrored sunnies last week. This accessory get so wild this season, so get one for yourself as soon as possible to complete your best 2013 trendy look. I love so much this design, because I know the girls will get crazy without looking in the mirror, at this time, they can see their feature whenever as they want,  thanks to this creation!
Le Café Cherrier3635 St Denis St  Montreal, QC H2X 3L6

mercredi 15 mai 2013

Every rest moment is a celebration for me

Suit from H&M
Skirt from Urban Outfitters
Heels from Dior
The photos was taking last week and the post is coming today. I have a trouble to manage my study, my part-time job and my personal life. I am so sick this week that I can't even talk anymore, by chance my sweet mom would prepare the dinner for me and that make me feel less desperate, but I still have go to work. I really wish I can sacrifice more time to do  what I sincerely love, like doing my blog or even play with my chinchillas.


I am so proud to show my new shoes to you guys. When I saw the models walked around on the stage  with these shoes from last year fashion show, I knew I will have them in my shoe collection. They are a outstanding piece to create a elegant look. Lot of celebrity are the huge fan of this collection, fashion icon Olivia Palermo and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wore them on the latest Paris fashion week.

You can see I wore this belt all the time, here I tell you a secret, I bought it four years ago for 3 bucks from a goodwill when I went to a goodwill with my friend.

dimanche 5 mai 2013

lace meet rockstud

Dress from H&M
Clutch from Valentino
Heels from Prada
Earring from Chanel
Sunny day from good weather
but Sunnymood from myself
Since few season ago, Valentino launch their rockstud collection, at the same year, rockstud heels and bag became the hottest fashion piece and fahion blogger must have.
When I say Valentino, what are you thinking about? so obvious that would be lace and rockstud, you'll never   miss these element on the Valentino runway show.

chubby legs do not allow me to fly, the result of abusing food.
Can you see the blue on my knee, I go out with my flame heel and fall over, so much pain, but more embarrassing~