vendredi 4 avril 2014


Almost 3 years ago, I saw a post of my favorite blogger the ulterior epicure about this restaurant, no word can be more appropriate than prefect, the dishes are beautiful and creative, this restaurant is definitely a reason to make me be in Mexico
Blue corn tostadita with tuna fish, mixe chile, and radish 

Baby corn with chicatana ant, coffee, and costeño chile 

Mole madre, mole nuevo
The waitress can barely speaks English, but she try to speak French. From what I understood, the mole on top the tortilla is close to 300 days in conserve,  like a mother dough. Totally a new exprience for a stranger like me.

Brioche, cheese, tomatillo-mint marmalade, fruits
I am very disappointed about this experience,because this restaurant is highly rated on the web sites, moreover, Pujol win the sixteenth place of the world's 50 best restaurant 2013, twentieth for this year. When you expect more, you get less after all.