samedi 30 mars 2013

brunch tout vintage

Casual Saturday look, no heels, no hair wash, suit on the shirt, can't be more simple.
Purse from Chanel
Loafers from Urban Outfitters
Sunnies from RayBan

If you follow my blog, you must to know my favorite Saturday activity is have a nice brunch in the morning. This time I went to Sparrow, quite vintage place that you can even small 80's, but before get you seat, you have to wait a good 20 minutes. I am very appreciate there have fresh daisy on each table, last time I went to les ambassadeurs, they try to fool me with the fake roses, unacceptable. Menu is quite simple, no much choice. I took the eggs benedict, as you know, if you don't know the menu, take the eggs benedict, you will never have bad surprise, but I am so wrong this time, worst eggs benedict until now.
5322 St Laurent Blvd  Montreal
Potato ball no taste, the only thing you can find it is leek if you do not count the eggs and the English muffin. You are crazy about leek? This is your dish! Well, for the taste, I bet you gonna never back again, but if you are hipster, you will just enjoy the place. 

mercredi 27 mars 2013

Walk into spring

Earring from Chanel
Shirt from Urban Outfitters
Gilet from Zara
Suit from H&M
Bag from Celine
It's the first Saturday that I'm off my job in three weeks and I am so happy to take a walk in Vieux Porte. The spring is so welcome in Montreal, I am glad to see the ice melt from my garden, I can even wait to do the the garden thing, put the seeds, watering and wait the green coming out.

I wan run into a very interesting store and there has a bread made dress, maybe that dress will be the next Lady Gaga performance outfit.

I had a happy breakfast with my son, this time is so precious for me, he is just soooo cute, he don't even want to open his eyes when he ate,

mercredi 20 mars 2013

Jean Georges

Maybe I should made this post two years ago just after visiting this restaurant, but I think is not too bad or too late post it right now, It'a very nice place, when you book this restaurant on the web site, they said casual look is forbidden, but when you come up in the restaurant, you will see plenty guys wear jeans, the girl who sit right next to me even carry a H&M bag, so don't worry, forget the dress code, just wear the clothes you feel comfortable.
I don't want to use a strong word like disgusting, but it really not very good.

Foie Gras Brulee
It's not look very well, but I can say it's in my top three foie gras dish.
Parmesan Crusted Organic Chicken

Sauteed Veal Scallopine flying pig ham, mushrooms and lavender
Taste just it look like
Jean Georges' Chocolate Cake And Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Homemade marshmallow, the waiter come with a stroller with a big jar full by their homemade marshmallow.
This restaurant is very nice choice for people want to taste Michelin but have a slim budget, they hardly change their menu, so you can do some work before going, don't speak English, not big deal~

dimanche 17 mars 2013

Palermo Inspiration

Blazer from Zara
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from Manolo Blahnik
Purse from Chanel
Olivia Palermo, a familiar name that you can associate all kind of material words like pretty, rich, fame,etc.But behind these words, you will find a very stylist Palermo, I love so much her style and make a attempt to look like her. She's usual look is chic and simple, skinny pants, point toe shoes and a blazer.
These shoes are my favorite,peacock feather and diamonds look so vintage, do you feel the Great Gastsby.
My purse is from Chanel 2011 pre-fall collection, it's work will will on the vintage style outfit.

mercredi 6 mars 2013

Saturday without brunch can't call a Saturday

Hat from Zara
Sweater from Zara
Short from Outfitters
Shoes from Zara
Bag from Celine
My favorite activity is have a brunch. The brunch is just magical, you can get the energy and the happiness for a whole day from it. You can take your time to chat with friends, even isn't very nice for the people who waiting on line, just being blind. Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturday sometime, so my brunch time seem more precious.

Passé Composé
950 Rue Roy Est, Montréal, QC

I think it is the best brunch restaurant in town. so this restaurant became my favorite spot, I don't even share the address, because each time I have to wait for 30 minutes

samedi 2 mars 2013

Electric Green

 This clutch can work with all my dark coat, obviously it's my favorite accessory
Skirt from H&M
Coat from Zara
Shoes from H&M
Clutch from Chanel
Sunnies from Prada

This pair of sunnies is from Prada 2012 spring summer collection, one of my favorite collection. I love them so much, but last year I don't have budget for that. Last them I found them on special, how can I let them go.

Vacation can never be enough, I had school lats week, of course, I have to take the french course at this semester. We did a essay at first class, my teacher correct them and give us back, when she give me the paper, she try to throw it on my table, I know I made a lot mistake, but this action make me fell very ill. Never mind, I already blame her before she teach the class, fair enough...