samedi 2 mars 2013

Electric Green

 This clutch can work with all my dark coat, obviously it's my favorite accessory
Skirt from H&M
Coat from Zara
Shoes from H&M
Clutch from Chanel
Sunnies from Prada

This pair of sunnies is from Prada 2012 spring summer collection, one of my favorite collection. I love them so much, but last year I don't have budget for that. Last them I found them on special, how can I let them go.

Vacation can never be enough, I had school lats week, of course, I have to take the french course at this semester. We did a essay at first class, my teacher correct them and give us back, when she give me the paper, she try to throw it on my table, I know I made a lot mistake, but this action make me fell very ill. Never mind, I already blame her before she teach the class, fair enough...