samedi 30 mars 2013

brunch tout vintage

Casual Saturday look, no heels, no hair wash, suit on the shirt, can't be more simple.
Purse from Chanel
Loafers from Urban Outfitters
Sunnies from RayBan

If you follow my blog, you must to know my favorite Saturday activity is have a nice brunch in the morning. This time I went to Sparrow, quite vintage place that you can even small 80's, but before get you seat, you have to wait a good 20 minutes. I am very appreciate there have fresh daisy on each table, last time I went to les ambassadeurs, they try to fool me with the fake roses, unacceptable. Menu is quite simple, no much choice. I took the eggs benedict, as you know, if you don't know the menu, take the eggs benedict, you will never have bad surprise, but I am so wrong this time, worst eggs benedict until now.
5322 St Laurent Blvd  Montreal
Potato ball no taste, the only thing you can find it is leek if you do not count the eggs and the English muffin. You are crazy about leek? This is your dish! Well, for the taste, I bet you gonna never back again, but if you are hipster, you will just enjoy the place.