mercredi 27 mars 2013

Walk into spring

Earring from Chanel
Shirt from Urban Outfitters
Gilet from Zara
Suit from H&M
Bag from Celine
It's the first Saturday that I'm off my job in three weeks and I am so happy to take a walk in Vieux Porte. The spring is so welcome in Montreal, I am glad to see the ice melt from my garden, I can even wait to do the the garden thing, put the seeds, watering and wait the green coming out.

I wan run into a very interesting store and there has a bread made dress, maybe that dress will be the next Lady Gaga performance outfit.

I had a happy breakfast with my son, this time is so precious for me, he is just soooo cute, he don't even want to open his eyes when he ate,