vendredi 28 février 2014

Mexico city journey-day 1,2

Before I start this post, I really want to share my happiness with you guys, I have been waiting this trip so long, the idea to go to the Mexico came out 2012's summer, I talk every day I much I want to make it for real, but unfortunately, I all the summer in Montreal.

 I arrived at Mexico city around 4, after put down my luggage, it was already dark outside, so we just took a stroll around the hotel. Zona Rosa, a beautiful area, quite lively in the night time. We had the dinner in a kind of tourist restaurant, but still, it is nice to have a pina colada in the breeze, actually very nice!
 Second day, We visited the Angel de la independencia for first, because it is just next of our hotel. How lucky we are for getting a sunny day!
This place takes us at 10 minutes to figure out how to get there because the cars passed around whom do not stop.

Beautiful Mexican style architecture!
We arrived at Polanco from Zona Rosa, by walk, with heel, challenge accomplished! So much pain, but much more fun. There have a park, but most of park and museum are closed the monday.
Polanco is bit different than other place in Mexico, more wealthy. All the luxury stores are located here, the bistros are adorable.

Afternon I insisted to take a look at local market, for expericing the life they live in.
Besides metro and bus, Mexico have a other public transport called metrobus, a path in the middle of the road is reserve espacially for them.
Here we came at marcato Madeline

We have a restaurant reservation at St- Angel at evenning, so we decided come early to kown better this area.
I was quite surprise by the view, very beautiful, but with a touch of Eurpe, many handicrafy shop instelled along the street. Each shop have thier own character, it is nice place to buy the gift.
A great number of churchs are located here, most of them are huge and gorgeous. Unfortunnaly, I am a girl carry no fate.

jeudi 27 février 2014

NYC journey-day 3

Half year passed away and my last post about my latest NYC visit is coming today, can I be more productive. 
 Some of my friend asked me why I do not choose a better background to takes photos, but without those amazing things behind, is not New York at all 
 Cupcake stand in the middle of the street, where the New Yorker's energies  come from

Are you interest to but a raccon penis bones for the souvenir?

 My first experience at Brooklyn bridge, especially walk all over the bridge under 30 degre

Finally my trip and with a cocktail at Rockefeller center