lundi 27 octobre 2014

Japan journey-tokyo-day 1

Here I am! I am so excited to be in Japan! I always want to visit this country of sakura since my child, this happened like a dream. I was landing the night before lately, sleepless, because I can't wait to see this country after first glow of sunshine.
My first discovery in Japan is vending machine, no exaggerate, those machine are everywhere. The beverage are so good that I can drink at less three bottles in a day, my favorite  Fauchon black milk tea.

 Our first stop is Meiji jinju. The wood architecture appear a lot in Japanese anime, but it's still amazing to see this with my own eyes

 This is typical Japanese tradition, people have to clean the hands before walking in the jinja 

 Ichiran give me a very special experience, a vending machine placed in front of entrance, people have to order to the machine before get in the dinning room, or maybe we can say cubicle. the waiter hide after a straw sheet that you are not able to see their face, quite interesting!