mercredi 27 février 2013

Les Ambassadeurs

Maybe people are not familiar with this restaurant, but you must know the hotel de crillon, the rich gal's party things, even I dream to be there, but unfortunately my father is not enough wealthy and I have to work 30 hours after school each week.So the difference between the human beings is bigger than a human being and a pig, by the way, I'm not that pig. Anyway, it is a fancy restaurant.
good for the canapes, but not enough for this restaurant.
The breads are not fresh.
mashed fish, not too tasty

Rabbit, it's okay. I feel so sorry for the chinese rabbit and french rabbit, lot of  them are born to be food. Poor animal, they used to be my favorite food when I was child.
Good looking good taste,the thing in the hole is foie gras

Tasty! crispy outside, smooth inside.

ile flotant, it's a traditional french desert. I don't like for a personal reason, i have egg white!