lundi 25 février 2013


Well, I have a general comment before I start my post, BORING~
This restaurant is kind of hard to find, you must have a GPS to reach this place.
 The canapes, I can't even remember the taste, the only one I like is the little orange roll thing in the corner.
 The bread is good, but the soft style bread little bit Asian, I prefer the baguette that they don't have it. 
Tribeca Lobster
It's okay,not bad, lobster is a lobster, sauce is the sauce, but being a good chef, you have to mix them together and make something worth the dish price.
 Wow, impress by the size, poor size, but ma friend said that's good. The meal is too boring that even I don't have mood to taste in my friend's plate.
 Nice look, prove by me,  nice taste, hear from my friend
 Well, no judgment for the plating
Nice, but a little weird, I don't know the reason.
I don't know why I am hurry to finish the meal, maybe I can't wait to go to Chicago, maybe have no right mood, I think it is totally not worth to go, wanna a nice dinner in NYC, go to eleven madison park.I almost forget, if one day you will go to this restaurant, you must visit the toilette, totally a robot.