samedi 25 mai 2013

Comme c'est curieux, comme c'est coincidence, comme c'est magnifique...

Today I just saw The Great Gatsby, amazing story, of course amazing amazing costume, I am so obsess about the design, no fashion lover gonna miss this movie. The crystal dress that Daisy wear remain me the Prada's 2010 spring summer collection, until now I am trying to find the chandelier shoes. Daisy's headpiece by Tiffany is gorgeous, but I think I can never afford it in my entire life.
Skirt from ASOS
Clutch from Louis Vuitton
Shoes from Dior
Good mood from myself
Long store short, I saw this dress two weeks ago at ASOS, this midi skirt caught so much my eye, so I ordered it with another skirt. The customs charges the half of what I pay for the skirts. Show some mercy please, Canada's customs.
This skirt a perfect item to create a vintage look, it's going so well with my shoes and clutch
The grasses grow too fast, I barely have time to cut them. The peony are now in bud, I can't wait to see the flowers pop up!