mardi 4 juin 2013

Sooooooooo Stripe

Today, I just finish my last exam, I have a strong feeling that my French exam will be fail, However that feeling exist even before the beginning of the semester. Now I am so prepare for the summer!!!

 This time, I carry my Chanel wind power bag, knows as hula hoop bag. The hula hoop bags are in several size, mine is in a small size. The bag is quite light, but do not put the heavy thing inside, otherwise that gonna change the shape. I have a magical garden, each year the peonies grow up by them self without my care, but some peonies head are too big and heavy, I have no choice to cut them off, otherwise they will draw the whole plant to the soil. Clearly ti's a good thing, now I always have fresh flower in my purse.

Happy day starts always with a good meal!!!