jeudi 6 juin 2013

Deep blue - why Le bazar ET Le bordel and why I blog

Shirt from H&M
Trouser from H&M
Heels from Zara
Clutch from Chanel
This time I wear blue, blue top and blue trouser. The hair hide the owl earring, I lost one side long time ago. When skinny pants and legginsgs get popular, almost nobody wear the flare trousers. I remember when I was in first grade, I wear this kind of pants everyday.

Today I'm gonna talk why my blog named Le bazar ET Le bordel and why I blog. Le bazar et le bordel is French, meaning mess and mess, it's kind of my life style, I try to do the thing at last minute and I keep my personnel thing mess.Let's move to why I blog. I had a blog long long time ago, everything thing is in Chinese, Where I share my daily and bakery. I wonder maybe I can share to more people if I write in English. Do a new blog is a huge dilemma for me, it's meaning I 'll lost my reader and I have to start over, but I did. Your comments and compliments encourage me so much and I'm very glad for madding this decision.

Last week, I got a new pair of Jimmy Choo, they are just gorgeous and make a beautiful shape to the feet.