mardi 21 février 2012


I have plenty curiosity of this mysterious restaurant, if you go to their web site, you will find out why. Ledoyen  must be the most solemn  restaurant I ever been, is like a ambassador place. I came early and I thought I was the first client, but a old lady has already sitting in the saloon. She'a alone and writing, all of them seem like a oil painting.
Attractive, I love the bubble thing
onion creme
Mini baguette
I language skill  never work out for the menu things, I did't really understand what's this exactly, but it is amazing! When this came, it like a cookie in the middle the plate , and the waiter poured some broth, the black thing start to bubbling, pretty cool. Quite tasty.
Foie gras, my favorite food,
Chicken and rice, only difference between this and cafetaria food is the gold on the rice.
Dessert time, I try to figure out silver thing can be eat.
And I find out the difference between american and european dessert style, american love sturdy texture, like   pound cake, on the other side, european prefer the smooth texture, like ile flotant.
lychee rose ile flotant, Iwent to three Michelin restaurant in France and I had ile flotant for two time, I see how much french people love this dessert.