jeudi 1 mars 2012

Eleven Madison Park

Has been long time since my last visit, but I can still remember all the stuff. I really like the restaurant style, neat and spacious. The menu is kind of creative, you don't have be confuse in front of the french expression, like saute, canape, puree what ever, just pick the figure, clever idea.
Mushroom tea, it is more like soup, very tasty, can't get enough
sturgeon sabayon
smoky foam
Best bread ever, I learn from their book, the pastry chef have to be here at 5 o'clock to make their daily bread.goat butter and regular butter.
I did't figure out what's this exactly, but my friend totally love it!
foie gras terrine with plums and bitter almond
OMG, best appetizer ever, foie gras is melting in your mouth,very good looking.
loup de mer seared with cannelloni beans chorizo
lobster poached with mushrooms and spinach
Kind of chinese style
lamb herb-rosted with eggplant, sheep's milk yogurt, and cumin
Best dish in my life, lamb nice cooked, whit a little cumin taste.

chocolat fleur de sel and caramel
EMP offer a really good service, Totally worth to go!!!