lundi 17 décembre 2012


last time, I writted a text about la maison Pic, but now I decide to do a english version to share my amazing experience with more people.Last year, I went to France just before Christmas, I visited Paris and Aix en Provence.(I'm so embarrassing to said I don't have chance to see Effeltower, but it's dosn't matter, I did't see liberty statue in NYC.)Before the travel,I did so much researches about the restaurants,I'm pretty interesting about a restaurant locates at Valence,it's la maison Pic.

beautiful gallery between the entry and dinning place.
amazing Michelin guide collection.
             three kind of bread for you choice,mini baguette is so cute!!!

very tasty and fresh

Anna Sophie-Pic,the chief and the owner of the restaurant,is a very kind lady who greeted us after the meal.