samedi 12 janvier 2013

My 2013 wish list

I'm sooooo exciting about the 2013 spring summer collection.I made a wish list, but apparently that's not enough,they have to much amazing goods come out this season.I can't wait to get it!
Let's start with these Dior shoes, they are terrific,the different material and curved heel shave such a beautiful silhouette.The other pair of shoes come from Valentino, I love it so much, the front part ramains me the shoes I worn in the elementary school in my childhood, and look at back, it totally make for a  fairy tale. I love the Louis Vuitton clutch, ca fait tres parisien,and I have to say,the commercial casted by Hanneli Mustaparta, Miroslava Duma et Elin Kling is awesome!