mercredi 20 novembre 2013

The elm

I am back to nyc after six months,YEH! Every time I have been in New York, it's mandatory to have a fancy dinner . The dinning room decorate with woods and greens, I got a feeling of nature.
 This restaurant do not locate in Manhattan, so it give me a chance having my first adventure in Brooklyn. During the dinner, I found some random words carving on the table's edge, little surprise.
It' s an obligation to have foie gras on the menu according me, but this one is not the best I had, the jam is too much for this dish.
Tartar,  how I can express my love to you!

bouillabaisse in a different way

However the food is not as delicate as I thought, but it's still out of range. The ambiance is amazing, nice place for hangout with your colleague after work. A amazing restaurant run in a amiable way.