lundi 10 mars 2014

Mexico city journey-day 3

Time go fast at Mexico, it's already my last day here. We decided spend the morning at Zocalo and the whole Centro historico. But the thing did not going well, however I ate the best tacos in the planet.
The church is huge, above all, beautiful, with all the incredible delicacy carving, I was impressed, but neither of us a religion fan, so we just did a tour outside.

 This s very tourism spot, so you can find all the american chain store as you want, including McDonald or H&M.
This place is not attractive for me as St-Angel, so we just did a fast tour and headed to Condesa. I hear most of wealthy people were living here in this area once before an earthquake ruined everything, that is why they moved to Polanco and live until today, please tell me if is true. However this a very beautiful ,charming place.